Sample CasparCG templates for a Cloud Playout with CasparCG-based channel branding

Hello everyone,

We’ve deployed a Cloud playout and are testing our long-existing CasparCG integration (through a vowos-caspar shared buffer device) in this environment for the purpose of Channel Branding. The system is currently running at: The aim is to demonstrate a DRM protected TV playout with LIVE in capabilities and CasparCG as an alternative to certain commercial CG products. We of course are aiming at no GPU VMs if only that will be doable.

If anyone would be willing to share interesting, complex Caspar templates - we’d love to use them in the demo there and in exchange can make the playout available to be controlled by the “donor” - say for demo purposes. If this would be at all interesting to the estimated audience of this forum - please contact me. We of course are open to any other forms of cooperation in the subject matter. This is a pilot project at this moment and we’d rather not escalate costs, but in case of no interest in the above we’ll be left with commissioning such template(s).

Would love to hear your feedback,
Lukasz Janas

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