Same flash template played with different size

Hi, We’re running CasparCG on two Win7 machines. We’ve noticed that on one of them a template is almost always played with the preset/defined size (HD) whereas on the other machine the same template is upscaled by approximately by 10%.
Same files, same caspar, same hardware yet different output results, and what is interesting the machine that plays the template correctly sometimes also does the scaling :frowning:

Pease share any suggestions as we’re out of ideas…

You are talking about the screen consumer (desktop) output, right? That is controlled by a few settings in the config. I am also not 100% sure what each of the settings exactly do (especially the stretch setting), so you should just try and see what happens.

sets the channel to the output, In case of the screen consumer 0 is the default screen, were also the Windows task bar is shown. 1 and above are the other displays you may have.

can be default, 4:3 or 16:9. Set it to the appropriate aspect ratio

can be none, fill, uniform or uniform_to_fill. Different modes of how the window is filled. You need to try what does what.

can be true or false. Make the screen consumer be shown in a (scale-able) window (true) or fill the entire screen (false).

can be true or false. If <windowed> is true, hide the border (true) or show it (false).

So for instance, if you have a second screen, that has 1920x1080 (and want to output in that resolution), just set device to 1 for the second screen, set windowed to false and borderless to true. So the whole screen will be filled and no scaling happens.