RTP Stream

I have a customer, who needs to recieve a video + audio stream on a multicastadress via RTP. Has somebody succesfully setted up such a stream with CasparCG?

FFMPEG does support the RTP protocol and I have managed to send and recieve a video+audio stream in two ways.

  • Send video and audio serperated on different ports, by setting the -an (no audio) and -vn (no video) flags in the command

  • Addapting this method with the following command
    ADD 1 STREAM -vcodec libx264 -an -f rtp rtp://ip:5001 -acodec copy -vn -f rtp rtp://ip:5002

  • Problem with CasparCG:
    CasparCG does not interpret the -an (no audio) and the -vn (no video) flags as valid options.

Is there another way to seperate video from audio, that works with CasparCG?
Am I just might using the wrong syntax?

  • Using the option “-f rtp_mpegt” works fine in ffmpeg, without seperating video from audio

  • Problem with CasparCG:
    CasparCG again does not interprets rtp_mpegt as a valid option

Is someone able to help me with this?
Thanks in advance!

“-f rtp_mpegts”
works with the CasparCG Server 2.1.0

Problem solved.

Big problems now:
MPEGTS won’t work on the custumers side. Now I basically have to split audio from video, to send it as RTP packages.
Does somebody know a way to do it?
Even eliminating the whole audio stream from the CasparCG Channel would be progress.

Best regards

RTP running audio and video on different ports has never been used in broadcasting. What does the client use to receive a signal and what formats does it support?

The client uses some selfdeveloped Software, based on ffmpeg libraries, to recieve the signal. They say, that they need to recieve RTP packages with H264 payload.