RTP Stream


I have a customer, who needs to recieve a video + audio stream on a multicastadress via RTP. Has somebody succesfully setted up such a stream with CasparCG?

FFMPEG does support the RTP protocol and I have managed to send and recieve a video+audio stream in two ways.

  • Send video and audio serperated on different ports, by setting the -an (no audio) and -vn (no video) flags in the command

  • Addapting this method with the following command
    ADD 1 STREAM -vcodec libx264 -an -f rtp rtp://ip:5001 -acodec copy -vn -f rtp rtp://ip:5002

  • Problem with CasparCG:
    CasparCG does not interpret the -an (no audio) and the -vn (no video) flags as valid options.

Is there another way to seperate video from audio, that works with CasparCG?
Am I just might using the wrong syntax?

  • Using the option “-f rtp_mpegt” works fine in ffmpeg, without seperating video from audio

  • Problem with CasparCG:
    CasparCG again does not interprets rtp_mpegt as a valid option

Is someone able to help me with this?
Thanks in advance!


“-f rtp_mpegts”
works with the CasparCG Server 2.1.0

Problem solved.