RTMP stream as producer


I am trying to playback a RTMP stream from a server that I have created using the following tutorial:

When I use the command (PLAY 1-10 rtmp://{{url}}/live/test) to playback the RTMP stream I do see the stream but it doesn’t run smooth and most of the times it just freezes for 30 seconds or more.
In the CasparCG server terminal the following error’s keep showing up:

[ffmpeg] [h264 @ 0000024C602F2640] co located POCs unavailable
[ffmpeg] [h264 @ 0000024C602F2640] mmco: unref short failure

Playback of the RTMP stream using VLC works without any problems (on the same machine).

I am running 2.3.0 lts-stable and my config is about as basic as it gets:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                <screen />
                <system-audio />

Do you guys know how to solve this problem?

I have rtmp server built similar way, and it works flawlessly. If you followed the tutorial exactly, I would try building newer version of nginx. The version mentioned is from mid 2018.
May I ask what software and settings are you using for streaming?
The errors are normal when you start playing a livestream, but if they “keep showing up” it is a sign, that some refference frames are being dropped.

You are actually talking about rtmp producer, when you want to play it in CasparCG. Consumers are outputs.

Yes I have used the latest version of nginx (I believe 1.19.5).
I am using OBS for streaming with the bitrate at 2500 Kbps.

I have been running the stream for about two hours now playing back a video in loop and I have seen no stutterings using VLC.

An addition:
I am running the nginx server on a VM in AWS.

Oh yes sorry I ment producer.
I will change it in the title.

I found out that the stream output of OBS was set to 1280x720 instead of 1920x1080. After changing that the stream runs a lot smoother.
It still has some stutterings from time to time but I think that’s a hardware issue (not running on a high performance system right now).
Also the errors I mentioned before only show up at the start and not anymore during playout.
I will try this on a better system probably tomorrow.