Routing to specific layer with Transform


Is there way how to transform specifically routed layer?
My settings:
PLAY 1-30 route://4-30
PLAY 2-30 route://4-30
PLAY 3-30 route://4-30

MIXER 1-30 FILL 0 0 3 1
MIXER 2-30 FILL -1 0 3 1
MIXER 3-30 FILL -2 0 3 1

When I don’t route to layer 30, but whole channel(PLAY 1-30 route://4) Transform command works.
Video output: Channel: 4-30
Transform: Channel: 4-30

What is the use case for this? Is there a reason for doing it this way?

Led wall with 3 controllers, some animations might be triggered between 2 or 3 screens.
If I don’t use transform animations are stretched between all 3 screens.

And channel 4 should be a preview?

As I understand I’m rooting channel 4 so it can overlap graphic between different screens.
Needed end result: 3 screens running background video and animation triggers between them.

I see. I did a similar installation with 6 outs

I used one channel to composite everything together. This was. in that case a HD 1920x1080 channel, it could also be a 4K channel. Everything is run on this channel and is positioned on it, regardless the tiles. After that, I route the whole channel (all layers) to another channel composited into one layer. This layer is sent to the 6 output channels, as routing a single layer uses much less system performance, than routing a whole channel. The outputs are then scaled with FILL to the portion they need to display.

I have a finished, quite flexible, client to control all this, if you are interested :slight_smile:

If you can please share, I’m sure it would be helpful for many CasparCG users. Thanks in advance.

It was not intended to be shared, as I make a living from that stuff :slight_smile:

This is example with 2 screen, but logic is pretty simple, you just need to properly transform/position output layers.
PLAY 1-10 route://3-10
PLAY 2-10 route://3-10

MIXER 1-10 FILL 0.5 0 1 1 0
MIXER 2-10 FILL -0.5 0 1 1 0