Route with Transform - not as expected

Hi everyone,

simple usecase here, where I might understand things incorrectly:

4K Video on 1-10
I route this to 1-11 and apply an transform. ( I do this to add more routes and transforms to pick different parts of the original 4K input)

For the second channel I add an route to 2-10 from 1-11 and expect to see the transformed output of 1-11.
I see the output of 1-11, but without the transformation.

Wondering what I´m doing wrong as I don´t see the transform?

It is a processing sequence and route source issue. Might be a tricky explain without lots of diagrams, but I’ll try…

The producer for channel 1 layer 10 places each frame into a buffer that outputs to multiple destinations. Destination 1 is the input to the channel 1 mixer layer 10. Destination 2 is the input to channel 1 mixer layer 11. Destination 3 is the input to channel 2 mixer layer 10.

The mixer applies the transform to channel 1 layer 11, then combines layers 10 and 11 which are written into the channel 1 output frame buffer. In turn this is read by the channel 1 consumer(s).

Hence the input to channel 2 layer 10 is the output of the channel 1 layer 10 producer which has not been transformed. Thus you only see the transform applied in channel 2.

You may be able to create your operational requirement by using virtual channels and routing the output of the transformed virtual channel to a destination channel and layer. The problem may be the virtual channel transform process adds a frame of delay, meaning you also need to use a virtual channel that does no transforms but does delay the signal by 1 frame to keep the untransformed and transformed from the same source frame.

Got it. Really hoped that I don´t have to add a bunch of channels, but that´s the way to go… Thanks for clarification!