Route command buffer

Not had reason to post for a very long time so hope everyone is well!

I’m toying with a project at the moment which requires me to delay a video feed for up to 3 minutes. I’ve never used the route command extensively, will the buffer argument allow this sort of length? From what I’m reading in the code there is no limit on what the buffer argument can be, but that said, I’m not a strong enough C++ developer to look properly!

The above question is, of course, assuming I have enough RAM, about 34GB for HD or (gulp) 270GB for conceivably 12G by my reckoning.

My current issue is being quite locked down at home at the moment I can’t get access to machines which have enough RAM, Decklink cards etc to prove this even with a smaller delay so I thought I’d ask if anyone has done long buffers with CasparCG, am expecting nobody has gone this far so its really a question of how big a buffer have people used or can anyone theorize on whether this would work or not. The alternative is using an external EVS etc as a delay before feeding into Caspar for graphics but would like to avoid that sledgehammer!

I believe that you will need that much gpu memory, not cpu memory for it to work as you desire. But that is worth checking.
But a way around that limitation might be to use a machine which is using an Intel onboard gpu.

You really want a way of buffering to disk though, which I don’t think caspar can do in any way currently

See this thread for the CasparCG branch, that can do this.

@Julusian Ah, yes I was hoping it was using CPU memory not GPU, 24GB seems to be about the limit there at the moment with a dedicated GPU. I’ve never really experimented with the onboard GPU’s, intel ones seem to be limited to one half of the available system memory.

@didikunz I’d not thought enough about the MAV branch, my main worry is there is no way that I know of that I can delete from the start of the buffer while its still running. If running with UHD the harddrives would fill up fairly quickly but I’ll take a look and see.