Route Channel to Decklink Output

In caspar.config I set a Decklink device as a Consumer of a specific Channel, so the channels content will be Sent to the decklinkscard Output. Can I redefine, which Channel is being send to a specific Output?

Right now, I am creating 2 channels, which Define a Feed A and a Feed B. I also got one Channel for every single Output on my Decklink. So i Route Channel to Channel as a Workaround. That is very costintensive since I Produce 6 1080i channels. Is there a better way to do it?

If you handle only two feeds and output them to two decklink outputs, you then have a 2x2 matrix. You need only 4 channels. The first 2 with the content, the other 2 for routes (with decklink output each). Keep in mind that if you only playout video or graphics (e.g. for LED walls or TVs) in a single layer, you should route those specific layers for increased performance.

Forgot to say, that I have 4 Outputs. So there is quite a Performanceissue, since Im also Recording and RTP Streaming one Channel.

So channel to Channel routing is the way to do it? Or is there some magic commandline Like PLAY channelx on Decklinkx?

Does it have to be seamless? You could remove and add a decklink consumer for every channel but I believe it takes some time to initiate the output again.

How would I do that?
Whould that affect the other Outputs? If yes, it would be no option.
If only the Output, that will be changed, would be black for some seconds, I could life with that.

btw, thanks for your quick replies!


add 1 is channel 1 and decklink 1 is decklink output 1 so with this cmd you are setting channel 1 to decklink output 1
choose number according to your scenario


How could I Not See this in the Wiki…

Big thanks, gonna try this later