Route audio to different channel

Hi everyone,

I have made a website where my colleages can add infographics to earlier recorded videos. In the background CasparCG is recording these commands and pasting them on the video, using the ffmeg recorder, to two seperate files, one with and one without the video, but just the graphic on alpha, for easy editing later on… anyways:

my question:
Is it possible to route only the audio of channel 2 to this channel 1? And what would be the AMCP command?

That would make it very easy to synchronize them later on, even when just a snippet of the video. I have tried to route a video-layer cross-channel with the opacity set to zero, but it seems this is still costing the same amount of processing power as a full video layer. I have decent machines, but while recording and encoding two layers simoultaniously, every extra workload makes the chance of dropouts bigger. Plus, I reckon there is knowledge here to be discovered…

PS: SEPERATE_KEY is not enough, I am recording the infographics with and without the video… so one video already has alpha enabled…

Thanks in advance!

Maybe try to add a new PLAY of your video , set the layer to be a KEYER (would cost less ? No idea) and then use a Route producer on your second channel.

You also should be able to use filters with your play , you might find some where only audio would be played.