Rotate recording [solved] & ffmpeg settings [not working] for Socials

Yes again a request from a client, in the past I used casparcg to record video messages from people that could push a button to record a 30sec message.

Now they want to do the same but ofcourse in 1080x1920 so people can share their video on the socials.

I found this topic on stack:

so I tried
ADD 1-14791 FILE "Output.mp4" -vf "transpose=1"\r\n
using the client on an 2.2.2 server

But i get
[warning] ffmpeg[Output.mp4] Unused option vf=transpose=1

I was thinkling of 2 solutions:

  1. Getting it to work in ffmpeg (keeping the workflow 16:9)
  2. Custom build caspar with a extra 1080x1920 resolution and scaling and rotating the decklink input. (0 experience with custom builds)

Anybody aleady have experience with it?

As much as we all don’t like it I think we will have more and more projects needing 9:16 and 1:1 maybe have them build in the next release (even if it is unsuported for broadcasting)

Try this code.

ADD 1-14791 FILE "Output.mp4" -filter:v "transpose=1"

If this is 100% 9:16 - I’d just rotate the camera and utilise the full resolution and simply change the aspect/DAR/SAR metadata on the file in the end.

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This works, thank you very much!

I now use:
-codec:v libx264 -codec:a aac -filter:v format=yuv420p,transpose=1

And it works, but somehow on my android it will not open in whatsapp or give a thumbnail in the gallery.

Trying all different settings.
-codec:v libx264 -codec:a aac -filter:v format=yuv420p,transpose=1 -profile:v baseline -level 3.0
Here it does not set the level to 3

 [ffmpeg] [libx264 @ 000001FC8CCC6600] profile Constrained Baseline, level 4.0
 [warning] ffmpeg[Output.mp4] Unused option level=3.0

Does someone have a ffmpeg setting for phones/socials?