Requirements for 4x1080i "Still" outputs

I need to output 4 different still graphics in 1080i on a Decklink Duo 2 card.
Each output will toggle between different stills, no live video.
Would I still need a killer graphics card in my server ???
Machine will be a Dell Precision 3930 rack, i7, 16Gb ram, 2 pcs SSD.

I’ve just tried what you are trying to achieve, only with screen consumer outputs, as I don’t have decklink with four outputs. My GTX 750 utilization was at 100% whole time the channels were running, but I haven’t experienced any problem noticeable at the output with only pictures. I would say it is possible without “killer graphics card”, but I wouldn’t recommend it. BTW I tried it on Ubuntu, results on Windows may differ.

What you should consider is, that „appetite comes while eating“. In other words it‘s not a good idea to specify a system only for one use case, as it quivkly can get more complex, when people discover the possibilities of Caspar.

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I know, but in this case it will not evolve to beyond showing static 1080i stills :slight_smile: