Repository, and rundowns

I’m am trying to implement a back up solution of our media playout with caspar cg.
I built a nodeJS app that will extract playlists/rundowns from our NRCS and convert them into a casparCG readable playlist.

This works and i can import the rundowns.

I would like to use the repository feature but when i link in the client a folder on the nodeJS web app, it can not interpret the list of file its been given.

What is the format, file structure, that the repository should be made of ?

I cannot find any infirmation on that.

Thanks a lot,


have a look here
indeed it is badly documented and it comes with some quirks

Thanksfor Quick response .
I already looked at that but it seems to be focused on stories.

I have a remote folder full of XML (on the web server ) that i would like to be seen as a repository.