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a little of topic if it doesn’t belong let just remove it.

Atemuser has been a great source for all things ATEM for a while now, including tools that work with casparcg, like justmacros. Anyway it has been dead for a long time now. Unable to post etc, and now just down.

Anyway I’ve created a new forum in its place.

Obviously casparcg chat stays here, but some of the tools that might get used with it can be talked about there.

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Does anyone know why Tom Bassford allowed to die? It looks like it hasn’t received maintenance in a few years. I would recommend any new forum have a group of people behind it with admin access to prevent a similar death in case the main admin loses interest again, or whatever happened over there. It takes a lot of work and a group of people to contribute to a forum like that.

That is 100% the plan.

I used to run a video games forum with over 100k members. We had a team of 30 admin.

Right now it just about building it up, and getting people chatting.

So sign up, and have a chat :slight_smile:

It is really a shame that atemuser and the old casparCG forum are both offline now as we’ve lost so much information that one could easily access.

It will take a long time to rebuild all that knowledge again. :frowning:

Has anyone tried to contact Tom Bassford to see what the story is about that site? It seems to be more of a case of neglect more then anything else. There might be some hope still if that is all…

Its been broken since Feb, unable to post etc, so its been dead for a long time. has had issues for years. I could read, but my requests over the last few years to open an account never went anywhere. I’d fill out the form but never get an activation link and my UN/PW I requested never worked.

I’m super bummed about the JustMacros site. I just got the x-keys 124 T and thank God I had downloaded the package for it a few months back. Now I’m blindly trying to figure out how to work.

The still works you can download the last JustMacros package there, but yes you’ll have to figure out yourself how it works (Use Youtube videos tutorial)


Why did die?
The VPS where it was hosted was provided by powervps (who i had used for 15 years) they went bankrupt and so I had to move my hosting to another provider.
Atemuser was based on drupal, which isn’t a great platform for forums, (the site was never really intended to get as big or popular as it became, it was started before blackmagic took on the atem and was intended for the small number of echolab users to keep their switchers going)

My skillset is limited when it comes to web development and server management, this combined with very limited time has resulted in a failure to get the site back up. In all honesty it was taking too much time (and money) to run anyway and inspite of requests for help i could never find reliable people to take on running the site.

It doesn’t seem like has become very popular yet, but i would be open to the idea of migrating the old threads from atemuser to that site if Punkley wanted to do this.

I’m probably not going to check this thread much but people can contact me via email


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Firstly Tom thanks for all your hard work over the years. is there and ready for when it needs to be, you are right it hasn’t taken off in a big way, but I hope once justmacros gets going again this will change.

I’m happy to give migrating from drupal to phpbb a go, im just not real sure how it would go.

It’s a pretty big task to migrate from drupal to phpbb. Probably the easiest option would be to dump the post body content into a new database and then import that to phpbb. Even that is non trivial though as the drupal forum was very poorly designed, the threads are actually independent posts with associated comments so they are not all in a single table to start with!

The fact that i don’t have a working install of it anywhere doesn’t help. I had tried to get a friend to help restore the site so i could at least try and dump out the data to a better format but I’ve not had the time to concentrate on this.

If anyone is a drupal developer and interested in helping then that would be great! It’s drupal 6, with a load of modules cobbled together! (i really have gone off drupal, the way it has splintered is really sad)

Hey! I’m looking for JustMacros for 124T could you please upload and send it to me?


Hi Punkley,

Where possible I would be willing to help with the migration process. I couldn’t find a direct Drupal 6 to phpbb3 import possibility. Maybe this link could help in a multistep process:

Best Regards,


I am also interested. Can anyone send me?

Tom, can you email me at some point. I have some ideas

Mostly got bored and wanted to learn how to launch a Discourse server anyway… is now up and alive. I would encourage everyone to pop over and start the discussion.


@tombassford , if you ever do see this, it looks like importing Drupal 6 to discourse should be fairly straightforward, and I’d love to have a go at it.

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