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Hi all,

a little of topic if it doesn’t belong let just remove it.

Atemuser has been a great source for all things ATEM for a while now, including tools that work with casparcg, like justmacros. Anyway it has been dead for a long time now. Unable to post etc, and now just down.

Anyway I’ve created a new forum in its place.

Obviously casparcg chat stays here, but some of the tools that might get used with it can be talked about there.


Does anyone know why Tom Bassford allowed to die? It looks like it hasn’t received maintenance in a few years. I would recommend any new forum have a group of people behind it with admin access to prevent a similar death in case the main admin loses interest again, or whatever happened over there. It takes a lot of work and a group of people to contribute to a forum like that.


That is 100% the plan.

I used to run a video games forum with over 100k members. We had a team of 30 admin.

Right now it just about building it up, and getting people chatting.

So sign up, and have a chat :slight_smile:


It is really a shame that atemuser and the old casparCG forum are both offline now as we’ve lost so much information that one could easily access.

It will take a long time to rebuild all that knowledge again. :frowning:


Has anyone tried to contact Tom Bassford to see what the story is about that site? It seems to be more of a case of neglect more then anything else. There might be some hope still if that is all…


Its been broken since Feb, unable to post etc, so its been dead for a long time.

#7 has had issues for years. I could read, but my requests over the last few years to open an account never went anywhere. I’d fill out the form but never get an activation link and my UN/PW I requested never worked.

I’m super bummed about the JustMacros site. I just got the x-keys 124 T and thank God I had downloaded the package for it a few months back. Now I’m blindly trying to figure out how to work.