Render low size files with alpha channel quicktime mov

Is there any way to render low size file rgba quicktime mov ?

You can render it as a H264 file. Render the first file with the RGB and name it like so: “”. Then render a second file with the alpha channel and name it like so: “”. Caspar will automatically play them as one, if you play the first file.


Depending on the content QT animation files can be tiny. You can also use ProRes with alpha. Another option is using webm VP8 or VP9 with alpha in HTML.

Doesnt CasparCG play out webm/VP8 with alpha without the file being embeded in HTML?
I did just convert a 3min background-loop from mp4/h264 (380MB) to webm/VP8 (35MB) with Handbrake and it seemed to play out without any problem (2.3.3)

br markus