[release] CasparCG Server v2.3.0 LTS RC (Release Candidate)

Hi all!

I’m glad to announce that CasparCG Server v2.3.0 LTS RC (Release candidate) is released and can be downloaded from GitHub under releases (link attached below). This is a continued work where primary focus is at stability and reliability. Something we can take advantage of in future versions.

If you stumble across any issues, please create a new issue at GitHub under the right repository and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks to all for contributions and the amazing work you do!

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For you knowledge, a new version of CasparCG Client is available at builds.casparcg.com->next. The builds currently work for Windows and durring next week build server will be updated for macOS as well.

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Downloding now, thanks!

will the ffmpeg fix let casparcg handle 4k res files better? I seem to recall a discussion on the forum regarding 4k decoding performance and ffmpeg threads being limited.

There are changes to the default number of threads FFmpeg can use and a new option to increase that.
Fix #1281 Change decoding number of threads default value

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In server version 2.1 beta 2 there was interactive true tag, mouse can click on screen consumer.
Now this is also avalilable in 2.3.3 according to this code https://github.com/CasparCG/server/blob/abc35821b797bbcc9cfedabf396fd2e2ef5c9b8c/src/shell/casparcg.config#L96
But mouse interaction is not working.

@Julusian Mouse interaction is avalaible server 2.1beta2 and nrk version .
I request you to please implement it also in server2.3.