Recording problem with SVT Client

Im trying to record with the SVT client a MXF with alpha using the default codec “dnxhd” and preset
“-codec:v dnxhd -b:v 120M -flags:v +ilme+ildct -threads:v 4 -filter:v format=yuv422p,interlace” and tick the alpha-box
My Davinci Resolve doesnt seem to understand that there is any alpha, and I think it is right. At least Mediainfo doesnt say anything about alpha
Any suggestions?

br markus

I am not sure, but I think that format=yuv422p does make it to not have an alpha channel. And by the way: Have you checked if there is a second file with an _A appended to the filename?

No alpha-file.
Should I try format=yuv=444p ?

Is there something like yuv4224p or yuv4444p? Maybe not…

at least yuv444p didnt work

Maybe a google search about FFMPEG command line arguments may help.

trying that right now. I think one problem could be that the file is 8-bit

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