Recording Filenaming

how can i prevent CasparCG to overwrite my previously recorded file? Is it possible to “auto name” the recordings or to add an “_1” at the end of the new recording or the filename with date and time? I have lost an important recording by pressing F2 instead of F1. I know, its my fault, but these things happen under stress.
I have searched a lot but couldn’t find any autonaming option or at least an option to not overwrite an existing file.

Thanks for your help

As CasparCG Server is, as the name says, a server, this functionality would need to be made in the client. So you would need to build (or let someone build) a client, that does the auto-naming.

All i want to know was, is there a setting or an command that i can use to not overwrite the recording. I know i can made me my own client, but this is a little bit insane, don’t you think? Maybe this is a feature for the official client, so the recordings are save. :slight_smile:

No, there us no such feature. I would have mentioned it, if it were.

maybe in this case is better an external tool that rename the file, kind of synch utility. It should work as “check this folder” and "if there is a file with this name ‘sample.mp4’ " then "rename with ‘current.time_sample.mp4’ ", without the need of a custom client.

If I were you I would prefer to write a client, to make sure, that it always use a unique filename. These watch folder tools sometimes crash unnoticed and then you would overwrite the files again, until you realize, that it does not work anymore.

Writing a client for this is something, that can be done in an hour or two.

I agree, the best choice is a custom made client, but I am not familiar with that. I was thinking about a very simple c++ application.
Also I’m now thinking for my case to generate an xml or json and visualise real time info on the preview screen (as a background).
In my case is a bit more complex because I have to manage race data and championship calculation, but the concept could be useful in other case scenario