Recorded files disappear in client - after renaming they appear

Hello Community,

our setup: caspar 2.10, client 2.20, Decklink 4K

We record around 10h a day straight via decklink Input and the client filerecorder
(ffmpeg, mp4 - h264, ca. 30GB filesize)

We discorvered the wired phenomenon that sometimes some records disappear
in the library view. After we rename them and do a rescan they appear. If we rename back
they disappear again. If we restart client: no change. If we restart the server the files that
disappered before appear - without the need of renaming.

We run the servers for 170h without restart and had no issues,
We run for 12h and had an issue

Anybody an idea what this could be?

thx in advance

Hmm, I would guess, that it is some weird locking issue. The server sees the file as still being recorded to and does not display it. Could be a bug. Please post a bug report on GitHub.

Hi Didi,

first i would like to thank you answering questions over the years
in this forum and helping people with issues :wink:

I’ll do a post at Gh. Do you know where the server store this information?
Is it a kind of memorycache or is it a file?


I don’t know.

I think it’s a recurring issue with the scanner. Sometimes it doesn’t detect changes in the server folder.
I usually dowload zipped files from google drive and extract them to a folder within the media folder and find that some of them won’t appear unless I change something else.
A simple scanner restart would scan them again.

Take a look at this:

It’ a way to remove files that won’t go away after deletion. If a restart won’t help.

Great! I’ll check this. :slight_smile:

Can you check the version of caspar there? 2.10 is not a real release, and the actual number changes the solution here.

If you mean 2.1.0 beta, of the official builds then you should update to a newer version, as they were only beta builds and there are newer recommended versions that may solve it
If you mean 2.2 or 2.3, then what rrebuffo suggested is valid.

Oh, yes. You are right. It was a typo, it’s 2.20.

Still a typo :slight_smile: It should read 2.2 I guess.


2.2**.**0 :laughing:

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