Ready made project for simple text crawl

Hello community,

We are a local tv station and we are searching for a ready made project for casparCG server, to run a text crawl at the bottom of the screen.

The text contents must be an external text file and we must have the option for auto-refresh interval (reload the text file from disk while it is running). OK the last part of the auto refresh may not be critical, but since the crawl concerns election’s results and the text file is exported from some other software, the casparcg must (automatically or manually) refresh the imported contents.

The project could have options for selections different wished font and size and color of course.

Please advice, we dont know much casparcg programming and i cant see any template for crawling.

If the project is freeware, it would be nice, but of course we can buy it after a short test on our machine.

Thank you very much.