Re-use data from keys

Hi folks! We’ve been working with CasparCG in the past weeks and it’s been a blast. Now, I did create an HTML Q&A template where six questions pop up on the screen. The data comes from keys f0 through f5. In another set of templates, I solo display the questions with singular pages for each f(n). I’d like a solution, where said templates access keys f0 through f5 as well from the original index template.
Currently it is achieved by copy pasting properties (neither fun nor practical), but there I do lose the UID which is needed for the streamdeck triggering. I could not find a way to pass on the keys. Am I missing something?

I did go through this topic, but somehow I’m missing the point where the stored data is referenced or exported.

Also, great freaking software and great freaking forum.

You could use a single template and use a next command to cycle through them after the index played or a set of invoke (if you want random access to display each question) to call them.

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I like that solution, actually we’re currently building a JS application to render the index-template for that controlled by invoke.

What I did not outline is the use case: The overview is shown on the screen, the moderator “selects” one of the questions, it gets solo-ed, after that we go back to the overview and another question might be selected. Unfortunately it’s not always sequential. We might go about triggering the single slides with a specific invoke with reference to the question via companion. That might make the whole data retrieval obsolete.

What you like to do can be done with a single template, that reacts to INVOKE commands (or an update to a selector variable). That could trigger the animation of one of the small displays to go to full screen. An invoke (or a value of zero) would bring it back to the 6 way display. That would look much more elegant than transitioning to another template.

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That’s what I meant, but 1000% better explained

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I believe we went there and extended a little even. The data management is now outside of Caspar, so we have a database powering the content and use the invoke to navigate the template. Via Invoke I can call ID’s, pages and trigger solos and index view. It’s a much more flexible approach. Still, at some point I want to understand the data-inputs more and work with dynamic ones. I’m looking at some cool builds by people, seems very promising!

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