Rc-2.4.0 not running on rtx A2000 12gb

i wonder if any one has seen this
i have a michine that has an RTX A2000 12G card in it
and i have one that has a gamer card rtx3070
other than that they are about the same computer.

the computer with the a2000 will run caspar 2.3.3LTS just fine
but with the 2.4.0 (jan9) verison i get no put put at the Blackmagic card
there are no errors on the server and it reports playing the video.

the 3070 machine works just fine.
i updated the Blackmagic drivers to see if that helps but have had no luck.

What version are you using for the nvidia driver. Have you tried the latest studio driver?

No i dont think so. I could try that. Next time i have the michine. It is veing shiped right now.
Is there a reason you think that?

well i have the most recent driver.
and d0 to a windows update unauthorizing my windows install. i am now on windows 11.
CasparCG will not play video out of the deck link card on the rc 2.4 rc-1
the rtx a200 12gb card seams to be the problem.

its all my fault…
thanks for the help. i have had some time with the computer looked over it scratched my head. when i wrote the config i did not put the deck link cards in a consumer tag.
some times the simplest things take for ever to find.