Raspberry PI 4

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The raspberry PI 4 was launched recently. It has a GPU and is supposed to have near desktop capabilities. Would it be able to run CasparCG?

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Two outputs for Key and Fill. As long as they will have exactly the same clock source this would be interesting. :wink:

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The thought has already crossed my mind.
When I last checked with a pi 3 (2 years ago) it was missing some core opengl features that caspar was using, so it is not an easy port. And 2.2 requires a newer opengl than 2.1 did so chances are the opengl stack will need a major rewrite to work.

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This would be the bumper of the year :grinning: A “lightweight” and “power consumption friendly” CG built in and hardwired to my three BPCs (BroadcastProductionCentres :wink: )

If CasparCG works on raspberry pi, you can use it for NDI graphics.

I’m a big fan of this gadgets…

RPI4 still has only OpenGL ES (bumped to 3.0) support. There are some glue solutions, but there is always performance and compatibility hit.

Caspar need full OpenGL 4.5. Amount of work to revrite it for OpenGL ES is simply not worth it. Plus there should be striped down to bare minimum version…

Answering the question: to run it? yest, it’s possible. is it worth? not really.
for the price of RPI4 4GB version + case + power adapter etc you can get an old used Intel PC, and it will crush that little ARM processor…

Strokes chin with a mischievous glint in his eye

I believe the Jetson Nano dev kit has OpenGL 4.6. Of course it’s twice the price of a RPi4 but could be an interesting target for a port, no?

Obviously a weedy little thing compared to even a lowly x86 machine;. But at ~20W and 100mm x 80mm x 30mm with USB 3.0, 4k hardware encode & decode, etc. it might make a neat addition to a flyaway kit or corporate event playout?

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I just ordered a Jetson Nano with a SDI Capture card thing to interface with the camera port.

It was not specifically for CasperCG but worth a look at. I am stroking my chin too!

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New Intel NUC series may be interesting alternative… Newest 11th and 12th gen low-end processors should be enough to run simple setup, and there are M2 versions of Blackmagic SDI IN/OUT cards that could fit inside NUC case. Maybe not as dirt cheap as RPI4 but waaaay more powerful, still small and energy efficient.

Anyone tested this kind of setup?