Raspberry Pi 4 as a server

Hi all! im just Starting out with CasparCG and i love its possibilities. I am primarily going to use it to play videos during a stream, and i was looking for a portable way to use it.

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4Gbs of Ram and im not really sure if i could use it as a server to play videos. I looked at the minimum specs and i saw that OpenCL 4.5 isnt available in the Raspberry, but maybe someone discovered something and made it work.

If not, i can use a laptop and input a second screen with CasparCG and play videos from there, but i thought maybe the Raspberry could do its job.

Am i lost here? What do you think?


If you need only clip player have a look here:

Thanks! I would Like to use CasparCG because i can also add graphics in another layer.

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