Random "line drop" after PLAY video LENGTH X

Hi all,
Does anyone observed this behavior?

Lately I used a Mp4 video (video.mp4 + video_A.mp4) to launch a logo_IN / logo_OUT by calling:
Logo_IN → PLAY 1-10 video cut 0 Linear RIGHT LENGTH 50
Logo_OUT → PLAY 1-10 video cut 0 Linear RIGHT SEEK 50

It works great but very randomly, while the Logo IN is paused on frame 50, sometimes there is a “line dropp” appearing on screen…
Does it make sense?

To avoid the random “line dropp” I had to call a PNG file as the last frame of the Logo_IN
Logo_IN → PLAY 1-10 video cut 0 Linear RIGHT LENGTH 50
wait for 50 frames then
PLAY 1-10 frame_50

I use CaspaCG 2.3.2 fd75dd58 Dev
CasparCG Fill / Key as DSK feed on switcher

Can you post a picture of this?

I usually use two videos for such stuff, maybe the “line drop” is an artefact because of the h264 codec.

Hi Didi,

Thanks for looking :wink:

note: once the animation reaches frame 50, it stays in this frame for X minutes and it is here that very occasionally a dropp line apear randomly.
The animacion itself is ok.
It’s the “paused” frame 50 that very occasionally, throughout the time that is OnAir, generates a dropped line.

I have no idea how CasparCG handles PLAY video LENGHT X, I suppose that when it reaches frame 50 this frame stay permanently in memory (like an image) … but it seems as if it read the frame constantly and so occasionally generates a dropped line.

Dropped line:

Logo FILL IN / OUT mp4:

Logo KEY IN / OUT mp4: