Question - Decklink Extreme 3d and CasparCG

Hi everyone!

With the old forum closed down I kind of have a problem finding information on this subject, so I’ll just ask:

I have a Decklink HD Extreame 3D+ in my Caspar-server and I was under the impression that you could have two separate outputs (whether that is SDI F+K and HDMI or dual SDI F+K, I don’t know) from this one card. Is this correct; that I would be able to have to two different Caspar channels outputting from the same card?

To clarify, I want to have different graphics on the two channels. One channel to a big projector and one with fill and key to a mixer. Is this possible with one Extreame 3d+ card?


I’m pretty sure you are not able to use the quite old Decklink Extreme 3D+ card in this way.

The newer cards come with a controlpanel that allows such settings.
But this is not a CasparCG feature.


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Hmm I don´t have this card, but I´m still successfully using the good old Ultrastudio 3D with MacBook Pro. And it outputs key+fill. :thinking:

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Yeah, I get one key+fill signal, that all good. But I want another independent fill signal to yuse for other things.

I think that like the 4K extreme it is actually a single channel card. So you only get 1 fill or 1 fill and key.

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Ok, got it. :slight_smile: Yeah, that´s impossible with the 3D cards in general. To processing happens on the card, nothing that can be influenced by an different config. To get an extra channel I would buy an Mini Monitor card if your PC has enough slots. That will do the job.


1 output (key + fill) and one input (duplex in/out on the same channel). The duplex rule goes for all single-channel 4K cards.