Quad production playout client

We need to create a client for clips playout (H264 1080i50).
We currently use vmix as production playout.
The server that will have both server and client (or myabe not) is a dell r7610 dual xeon, 32gb ram with quadro a6000 and decklink duo 2 and 2tb ssd stripe.
the workflow right now is:
1)video production
2)copy to shared file server (each show has separate folder)
3)copy to vmix stripe
the problem is that we hit the 300 clip count for a single show.
So we need to create a system that will be able to manage this number.
We have seen quad channel metus player which is very nice but way out of budget.
Is there anything similar?
Please keep in mind that it should be user friendly and easily configurable if possible.
if you need any more info i can provide any kind of information

Try this from here React Caspar Client - #54 by vimlesh1975

thank you very much for your reply.
is there any way that each channel has a preview inside the interface?

Try from here.