PSD Producer: Masking



Has anybody managed to make masking work in the PSD producer? I tried masking a dynamic text-layer with a vector mask. In the timeline in Photoshop it does it the way I expect it, making the layer only apper inside the masked area. But in CasparCG 2.1 NRK it does not respect the mask. I also tied with a bitmap layer mask: Same result.


…I need to change my request: Masks actually work against bitmap layers. What I would like to be able to do is mask dynamic text layers. But that seems not to work. Or am I wrong?


I remember finding a while back that due to how text is done, a lot of the mixer stuff is unavailable for the text producer


Hey buddy thanks for valuable question post here. I’m a professional graphic designer and photo editor. I’m work daily with Photoshop masking. It’s necessary for every hair related photos when working. Here is the best tutorial How to create alpha mask from an image in Photoshop CC 2020.


Hi Christina,

it was not about how to create a mask in Photoshop, that part of the show is known :smile:. Thanks for the link anyway. The topic actually is about how CasparCG’s Photoshop producer (output renderer) actually handle the masks. In the mean time a lot of development went into this, so that it should work as expected now.