Project with HTML and video-stream (grid)


I am new to CasparCG and for a business project I was asked to make a project with a grid.
I want to show an HTML page in combination with a video stream.
Does anyone know how that is possible or does someone have a sample project?


Do you have any screen shots or the like, so that we can see, what you are talking about?


I like to have something like this, in the left corner a screen with a weather-radar :
In the right-corner a live-video feed (from the web or from a direct input)

And below a live-information screen from the cars at the circuit:

I don’t know if it is possible to “cut” the HTML-pages in CasparCG, otherwise I have to talk with the web-developer.

You could play the weather radar and video input on higher layers.

Layer 1-10 live-information
Layer 1-11 weatherradar
Layer 1-12 video

And then scale/crop them.

Seee here for the coresponding commands.

I have now the HTML page at layer 11 and the video at layer 12 but the when I try to play the grid I get a red status. How do I play the grid?

Why you want to use a grid for that? There is Transform (and Crop) that you can use to scale and position each layer individually. Grid is only usefull if you want to do a multiviewer display.

Many thanks! it is working now.
I have now one another question, is it also possible to add a live multicast stream?

You could try to create a webpage that shows the stream and display the page in Caspar.