Project status + CasparCG Server v2.3.0 LTS Beta 1

Hi all,

long time no see! During this time a lot have been worked on behind the scenes. We have been working on establishing processes around the project it-self, the future of the project and how to work with our community. I will try to cover as much as possible in this post and I will try to provide you with as much information as possible without writing a book.

  • v2.3.0 LTS Beta 1 is released :rocket:

    It’s here, the first LTS version ever of CasparCG Server! Even if it is a beta release we have been all working hard to make this happen. As the name indicates we have been working and focusing on stability and reliability in this version. We have also done smaller improvements to the performance compared to the previous version.

    You can follow the progress of the CasparCG Server v2.3.0 LTS at GitHub Milestones

  • LTS, yes that’s true
    As a member of the community and user of CasparCG Server, you can from now on expect support from the community for two years from the release date for LTS-versions. CasparCG Server v2.3.0 LTS will be released during late Q2 this year. Focus on the LTS versions will be securing stability, performance and reliability. In between of the LTS releases more frequent releases will be done to a non LTS version that’s more feature rich.

  • Technical Steering Committee - TSC
    To secure the processes and the future around the CasparCG project, a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has been established. The layout of the TSC isn’t just finished yet is work in progress. All protocols and decisions made in the TSC will be available at GitHub in a repository named TSC. Currently we are a small group of members but will in the future invite more members when the layout of the TSC is decided.
    (Inspiration from the nodejs project)

  • Public roadmap
    A public roadmap will be published by the TSC when it’s done. Until then you can follow the progress as GitHub Milestones.

  • Announcements
    Will be done in a repository at GitHub called Announcements. The structure will be the same as for the TSC repository mentioned above and all announcements will be verified using GPG signing.

  • CasparCG Client
    I have seen questions about the official CasparCG Client popping up here and there and I hope this will give you some understanding where it’s heading. A new version of the CasparCG Client will be released to match the changes in CasparCG Server v2.3.0 LTS when the LTS is complete. There is not active development of the client as is today but the pull requests available will be merged.

  • Help Wanted
    The project is in need of help regarding two things, documentation of CasparCG Server and make it available at GitBook that has provided the CasparCG organisation with an open source plan
    (thanks GitBook for supporting open source).

    The community also needs help regarding the development of CasparCG Client.
    Currently the project has no lead for CasparCG Client.

Do not hesitate to contact me at or send me a PM. I will also hangout here a bit more from now on :slightly_smiling_face:

Bets regards,


Hi Armin, thanks for that!

Short question: What does “LTS” mean? :smiley:

LTS = long term support


As @oneofsomany wrote, LTS stands for Long Term Support and for CasparCG Server that will be 2 years for the LTS versions. The support is community led and fixes can be expected for the LTS versions during that period. Something we didn’t have before but are happy to have and can communicate that to users of CasparCG Server :smile:

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So what would be the way to participate at the GitBook project?

One way would be to setup a channel at CasparCG Slack and start the discussion on how to procedure with documentation migration :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to change the name of build “14f5288…”
on to a more meaningfull name.

for us

is our one stop shop to get what you need.
a better name would be really helpfull

That’s the ID of the last GIT commit (build includes that commit and all before it), so it’s very meaningful.

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I fully understand it is meaningfull from a developer perspective :wink:

but for people just wanting the software this is not meaningfull.
all the in between builds should indeed have this name
but if you want to download a “safe” version
it would be nice to see this reflected in the build name.

non dev people also use and can get lost / find there selfs downloading a less-stable version.

off-coarse it would be better if the download section off the main website would be uptodate

The release is named “”

Auto builds shouldn’t really reflect anything but the commit.

ok i understand

maybe i should rephrase my point :wink:
please update the download section on the website. :wink:

people new to CasparCG now can not easily find new (“safe” / tested / pre-release) builds

i thought it was common practice since there is a different named version in the 2.2.x folder

finding casparcg and all basic tools needed should be a ‘one stop shop’ in my opinion