Producers in Caspar.config?

I am new to caspar and currently use it to play out DSKs in combination with SPX-CG and videos to OBS via NDI.

For some musical thing I’d like to play out several altered streams to FB/YT which have an exchanged audio plus an overlay telling that the music is muted on this channel but you could watch the thing with video on a separate plattform. I’d like to do this without much hustle on startup, so I wondered if it was possible to get some “producers” in the caspar.config, too?

					<name>Caspar Overlay</name>
                    <args>-f mpegts -acodec libvo_aacenc -ac 2 -ar 48000 -ab 192k -vcodec libx264 -preset veryfast -threads 2</args>

this way the ffmpeg consumer throws an error, having searched around the forum it seems like its failing because there is no content to play at startup. Is this assumption correct? Makes me a bit wonder as the screen consumer does not have the same problem and only fails when the ffmpeg consumer is active.

My basic idea ist to have one of the channels that has eg. an image on layer 1 as fallback, muted ndi ndi producer on layer 2, an ffmpeg producer that plays out an audio playlist and the final overlay on layer 4 telling “go there if you want to listen the original thing”. Finally caspar should deliver three channels and either make it possible to grab one with ffmpeg to forward to yt/fb, second to another rtmp plafform and one to hand out videos/dsks to obs with ndi (or be used as a mixer in future, it could then be routed to channel 2/3)

Can this be configured using the config? If not, which way would be the best to set up a startup script with low overhead. I hope I understood things right, if not, I’d appreciate any hint on additional theory behind it.

Bless & please stay save.