Problems with casparcg.config

I am relatively new to CasparCG, and don’t plan on learning how to use in extensively for now. My issue is related to finguring out how to make it work with a Decklink MiniMonitor card.

This setup is supposed to work as a small TV station, and the hardware is composed out of an old Server computer, i3 processor, with 2Gb of memory, an old ATI Radeon HD3870 Videocard, one SSD 1Tb harddisk, and a Decklink Minimonitor card.
I am trying to use this setup with RedCast On Time (playout client for casparcg), and have major dificulties in finding the propper settings for CasparCG to get the right signal to my card.
Red Cast has some ffmpeg settings already implemented, and this is where I feel like I came over a roadblock, because i don’t understand how the CasparCG config file is overwriten by RedCast when I change the video format settings for ffmpeg in RedCast.
The best I could do was to figure out the propper settings to output the sound only, by hooking up a TV to the HDMI cable coming from the Decklink card.
The signal should be 1080i5000

With RedCast OnTime there’s a catch: the download package already includes a version of CasparCG Server in its installation folder that RCOT attempts to start when it detects no instances of CasparCG Server running at the configured address.

If you’re trying to run your own Server instance, start it a couple of seconds before RCOT, so it uses that instance instead of trying to run its own. That’s how I’ve been doing it for a long time now.