Problem with the decklink HD extreme 3D+

Hello to all,
I am using an HP z800 with the latest version of caspar server, client, fronted… but I can’t get a stream output SDI from my decklink hd extreme 3D+. The card is operational since when I use media express, there are output streams.
As I am new to caspar, can you help me to output a fill and a key from my decklink?

Have you already edited your casparcg.config file? There are many posts on this site explaining how.

Thank you for your answer, it’s not easy for me because I don’t know xml and I don’t speak English.
Is it possible that someone can tell me what I have to write knowing that I want 2 sdi outputs (on the same card): 1 fill, 1 key.
It would help me a lot’ it’s for a student project.
Thanks in advance.

I what country can you study something without learning English :slight_smile: It would at least be good in what resolution and framerate you want to work.

I study in France, the broadcast standard is 1080i50

Bonjours, vive la France. Voulez vous essayer avec ca:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Please still respond in English, as we do not want to start discussions in other languages.

Thanks for your help, it works.