Problem with Playlist in Caspar Media Playback

I have a problem with Caspar media playback.

How do I create a new playlist? Excuse me. I am very passionate about the topic. Today casparcg worked for the first time on our tv, but we are unable to create a new playlist with our files. Is there a guide for this?


I guess playlist will be locked.
Uncheck it and either drag from clipgrid or double click in clipgrid.
Files from anywhere can be dragged to Playlist.
Playlist is locked everytime we click Start playlist button.

I’m sorry.

I need help with many things.

We open local cable TV. The first tests with Caspar are OK. We will, however, use the standard client.

However, we have problems how to program the playlist.

  1. We want to broadcast the program between 5.30 - 11:00 PM; then a repetition program of 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM.

In between, we want the board to be broadcast. Is it possible to continue to emit the board by turning off the client? So that when replacing the playlists, the board was also displayed?

  1. We don’t know exactly how to edit the live list. Ie. We broadcast the program at 5:00 PM and we want to add something at 6:15 PM. At the same time without disrupting emissions.

  2. Is it possible to have two playlists and replace them live? If so, how to do it?

Can anybody help?

The official client is not made for unattended playout of a playlist. Use a client like RedCast for that.