Problem with 630 Graphics?

Hallo everybody,

I build my little Intel Nuc Setup with i7 9th Generation, 630 Graphics and Decklink 8k Pro.
For now i have problems with playout over SDI. Media seems to be stuttering, Audio and Video.
I use only one channel 1080p50 without keying for playout.
GPU is not really in use and CPU also. Chilling at round about 20-30%.

Anyone with the same issues or any ideas?

I thougt i heard something about driver issues with Intel onboard Graphics?

Greetings Jason

I have seen similar issues on my Intel NUC testbed system. My hardware is NUC8i7BEH (i7 8th generation) with Iris Plus 655 graphics. Video output is via Thunderbolt into two 1U Ultrastudio interfaces.

A channel set as 1080p5000 using server V2.3.3_LTS gives badly broken video and audio when playback starts. Video and audio have dropped some of the source frames. The audio issue can be seen on the DIAG screen. See picture below. The SDI “wrapper” is valid, and can be recorded onto a Blackmagic Hyperdeck.

I know the issue is with the NUC, because when I use a MacBook Pro/Bootcamp/Windows 10 with the same CasparCG server version I can use 1080p5000 and 2160p2500 without problems.

The NUC can also have issues with bad recordings. I have never managed to discover the issues with playout or recording.

I tried server 2.1.12_NRK on the NUC, and this also works correctly in 1080p5000 and 2160p25.


I had problems with 630 graphics before. It did not perform great but upgrading to dual channel memory improved playback and performance in most cases.