Problem restaring CasparCG with Windows TaskScheduler

Trying to set up a workflow that would restart CasparCG periodically on an unmanned Windows server. There is a .bat file that restarts CasparCG and a custom client, and when the batch file is run manually it works 100% correctly.

Also when that very same batch file is triggered via TaskScheduler, it works while a Remote Desktop session is open.

If however there is no Remote Desktop open while the task runs, then CasparCG startup fails with:

[2021-08-02 14:08:02.015] [info]    Starting CasparCG Video and Graphics Playout Server 2.3.2 4de6d18f Dev
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.019] [info]    Initializing OpenGL Device.
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.020] [info]    Initialized OpenGL 1.1.0 Microsoft Corporation
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.021] [info]    [asio] Shutting down global io_service.
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.021] [info]    [asio] Global io_service uninitialized.
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.021] [error]   Exception: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\casparcg-server-dep\master\src\accelerator\ogl\util\device.cpp(113): Throw in function __cdecl caspar::accelerator::ogl::device::impl::impl(void)
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.021] [error]   Dynamic exception type: class boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<struct caspar::not_supported>
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.021] [error]   [struct caspar::tag_msg_info * __ptr64] = Your graphics card does not meet the minimum hardware requirements since it does not support OpenGL 4.5 or higher.
[2021-08-02 14:08:02.021] [error]   [struct caspar::tag_stacktrace_info * __ptr64] =  0# 0x00007FF61206A37E in casparcg

So any tips on getting CasparCG to launch from the command line without Desktop “being present”?

(Why the restart you ask? Because we have had CG problems with long up-times in 24/7 operation and the restart fixes those issues.)

Any ideas are welcomed!

i had that also on certain graphics cards: If the card does not sense the presence of a monitor it does not initialize the GPU correctly. The easiest solution is to use a dummy connector, that simulates a monitor see this for a VGA or DVI dummy plug.

Haha, that’s awesome, will try that if there is no software based solution. Thanks Didi.

If your card is a Quadro you can easily clone any monitor’s EDID and make it permanent on any output from Nvidia’s control panel