Problem in building server?

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this forum.
I am using caspar cg server i want to tweak it that’s why i am trying to compile the code.
when compiling the code i have installed docker and other utilities written in
All the docker stages were complete and i had extracted the casparcg_server but running
but when i am executing the ./run in casparcg_server folder, i am getting segmentation fault.
what to do? how to build and execute casparcg server for linux ubuntu 16.04.
I am using ubuntu 16.04 for compilation,
kindly help as soon as possible

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Would you please post an issue at GitHub, as the devs seldom hang in the forum.

The build-in-docker script builds for ubuntu 18.04. As you want to run on 16.04 you may need to instead follow the development build instructions potentially including the manual process mentioned in step 5.

I should add that ubuntu18.04 is the only supported version, so you may not receive much support when encountering issues such as this.