Preview problem


I use standard caspar client and have 2 layer 1 for preview and one for PGM
every thing is good but
Why the Transform tool don’t show in Preview when I press F8?
As it execute in PGM by pressing F2


Any idea??


No, otherwise I would have written it. I guess that preview is only meant to check spelling on templates. Could be an issue worth mentioning on GitHub, either on the official one or on the one of @Zebiolo


Thanks a lot for replying :slight_smile:


No mixer commands have preview implemented, sorry.


Found some time this evening to add preview support for mixer commands. It’s pushed to GitHub.


What is that link?


See above.



@didikunz Is it possible to post just a link without the hole blob of info from github?


AFAIK not. But why would that make a difference? The authors of the forum system builded it like that and why should this be changed? It locks similar, when you share a link in Facebook.


I did not say it should be changed. It was more a question if the poster could choose.

To my eye it’s cleaner and two links to the same repo, let’s say https://…/branch and https://…/release, will pull in same info twice.


Sorry I didn’t catch. You mean the preview problem solved in this version?


The “problem” is that it has never been implemented for mixer command. I added this functionality. This mean that if you have setup a preview channel for a server it should work.


I see. Thank you so much