Preview output from

Hello dear ones!

I am proceeding with my little project learning how to code but…
I am struggling to understand how generate a preview output.
I would like to pre - show gfx on a channel (hopefully I am not saying dumb things :slight_smile: )
before to send it to fill and key.

I use BM Mini ultrastudio

Thank you and advance!

Technicaly a preview out is the same as a normal output. You can use a Decklink card or use a screen consumer. So the UltraStudio HD Mini only has two outputs for fill & key. So for the preview you can not use it.

Thank you a lot! I appreciate the quick answer!

As consumer you mean the caspar consumer? mmm interesting… I will see if I manage to make it work.
At the moment it shows gfx only when I send the command play…I will see how to do that!


It will only show gfx when you send Play. The preview is only another putput channel. Play on channel 1 for playout, play on channel 2 for preview, for instance.

Now you always play to channel 1, that is your UltraStudio, right? Just add a according to the examples into your casparcg.config. That will become your channel 2.

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