Preview, Live and audio levels in Client

Hi, I guess this is very newbie question. In client software, during playback, I cannot see nothin in Preview and Live windows. Also nothin happens in Audio levels -window. Audio and video however are working through server. It doesn’t matter if I am using client with an external computer or with server computer.

As a newbie, what I have missed with client and config-file settings or what I have forgot to install?


My client main settings are like this:

Also important is this setting on the OSC page:


That should do it.

Thanks, I have exactly same settings, still it doesn’t do the trick. What server version are you using?

That does not matter, I usually use 2.0.7 or 2.3.0. It works with both. Check if your firewall settings allow the port 6250.

Not workin. There is somethin big that I am missing, cause it’s the same thing with every computer that I have tried. Have to be sure: what is the latest Client version?

I use 2.0.8 But there should be a newer version around. See here.

You should try what happens, when you completely disable the Windows Firewall.

Didi’s suggestion of disabling the firewall is a very good one. I have suffered issues where things like the playback progess meters do not work, because of problems in the firewall. If disabling the firewall gives you the meters, check the firewall rules removing any duplicates. I had a client stop showing items because I had tested too many server and client versions, and each new running added an extra rule to the firewall. When I simplified to just the rules for the active client and server all came good.

Clients and servers ideally need paired versions. Server 2.0.7 should be connected with a client 2.0.8 or 2.0.9 (client version 2.0.9 adds websocket capability to client version 2.0.8). Server version 2.2 and later should use a client 2.2.x as the format of the OSC status data differs between server version 2.0.7 and server 2.2.0 and later.

The client includes a database that stores the configuration you edit, plus the thumbnails of videos and stills. The same database name is used for all clients, and there can be problems when client 2.0.8 is used, then 2.2.x, then back to 2.0.8 as the database structures change with client versions. There are several threads about this in the forum. If you have tried client 2.0.8 then 2.2.x and switched back to client 2.0.8 you may have a data block caused by different database versions.

On a windows machine, the database file is stored in folder C:\Users\<userName>\.CasparCG\Client. The database file is called Database.s3db. Rename this to keep it available for future use, then restart the client which re-creates the database with default values. You will need to re-enter the server details etc.

If you want to experiment with both clients, create desktop shortcuts that run the client editing the command line of each shortcut to have the link to the exe file followed by a command line switch that names the database file. For example: “C:/CasparCG/ClientV2d0d8/casparCG Client.exe” -t c:/casparclient/usedb208.s3db for client 2.0.8 and “C:/CasparCG/ClientV2d0d8/casparCG Client.exe” -t c:/casparclient/usedb220.s3db for client 2.2.x. The path to the folder for the database must exist before the client is run.

It is possible that there may be some error reports in the client logs whch store in folder C:\Users\myName\.CasparCG\Client\Logs

Thanks! I updatet Client from 2.0.8 to 2.2. Everything is workin now, except preview. Have to check it later with your advices.

Preview requires a feature in the client is enabled. Open the client config and select the “General” tab. Near the bottom of the form is section labelled Database which contains a tickbox “Store thumbnails in database”. Ensure the box is ticked, save the config (“OK”), then restart the client to apply the config change.

When the client re-starts you will see messages at the bottom left of the client window reporting that t is retreiving thumbnails, and showing the file name of the thumbnail being fetched. The preview should now show small images for the videos and stills.

I was thinking he refers to the small video window in the top right corner as the preview…

Good point. We will have to await input from Otto.

Have you experienced any problems with the Live preview window when using server 2.3 and client 2.2? I find that when I select a channel (fill or key) to monitor, the client ceases operation showing a “Not responding” message on the client task bar. Looking at server and client logs the server never receives a request to stream, and the client log has no faults shown.

I have no idea, I usually only use client 2.0.8, to test templates. For productions I either use my Excel Add-In or a custom client.

In the beginning nothing worked:
Left side preview, right side live, audio meters and running time with media in playlist.

First I checked all the setting, firewall, defender and so on. Then I updated client from 2.0.8 to 2.2 and downgraded server from 2.3 to 2.2. After that almost everything is working. At least with computer where I have both server and client. When I am using external computer to control server, client crashes when I am trying to connect Live window to any channel fill or key.

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but I really cannot find Clients config -file from 2.2 folder. Where it should be?

And quick update. With external laptop, I forgot to allow those spesific UPD ports that Didikunz mentioned. Now I did it, and Client don’t crash with live window anymore. I don’t know if it was connected to crashing problem, but anyhow everything is fine now. Thanks everyone.

The server and client differ in their storage of config data. Where the server has the Caspar to.config file, the client stores your user preferences in a database file. The database file holds both the lists of menu items such as the easing mode names, plus the selections you enter via the configuration edit and the images shown in the Preview window at the top left of client window. Details of file location are in a post earlier in this thread.

The database is a SQLite implementation and there is a free database browser available from This tool lets you inspect the settings in the client configuration and menu lists.