PowerPoint slides through casparcg client

New to CasparCG but figured out html templates pretty quickly. I have created custom animated lower thirds, stingers and countdown timers for my own production needs. The next step is figuring out a way to consolidate my stream to have as few computers as possible.
I have a PowerPoint laptop, video laptop and a device that does static lower thirds. I want Caspar to handle all of this for me.
Is there a way to do PowerPoints through Caspar? Preference is to keep it in PowerPoint format so I can keep transitions and animations, and also allow others to control the PowerPoint remotely if needed.

Anyone found an elegant way to handle PowerPoint?



Thank you. I will take a look at this option. Haven’t had a chance to look into it too much, but does it integrate with Caspar? Or is it a separate integration?

You can just play the NDI input on a layer in Caspar.

I tested it and found that I face problem in overlaying properly in casparcg. In OBS it is Good.

In my use case, I wouldn’t need a transparency for the slides, I am just looking at a way for bringing in PPT slides to reduce the number of laptops in my setup.

But the face that you can use PPT for lower thirds is very powerful and Worth testing.