Please update the new realease

I use CasparCG Server 2.2.0, the problem I am facing is that it crashes all the time. I am really facing some difficulties over here, please update the software and release a stable version of it.

It would be more helpfull if you did supplied a log-file and a better description that “crashes all the time”, also the specs of the PC that has the problem would be great.
the 2.2.0 has been for me at least quite stable (=over 100hours of live) so it is possible that the problem is some compability.

Please open an issue over at if you’re having trouble.

That way it gets visible to the developers.
Also (as Markus wrote), be sure to provide logs, config files and a detailed description of the crash.

I am using a HP laptop, which is HP probook 440 go, It has an external AMD graphics card of 2 gb and I also have increased my ram to 8gb. Do you really think that my laptop is the reason for this crash?. Please let me know and if possible help me out over here.

Ok I will try to provide the logs after reinstalling the software again. But is it possible that my laptop configuration can be the reason behind this?. Please let me know.

If you download and extract the zip-file to c:, dubble-click on “casparcg_auto_restart.bat” and in the window that is called “CasparCG Server 2.2.0 …” you write “play 1-1 amb”. If everything is as it should there should be playing a 10 second video in the window named “screen consumer”.

Hi markusnygard!, I did what you have said, after writing play 1-1 amb, there was no 10 second video as you did refer.

OK. So what does the window say after you have type the play-command?
It would be so much easier if you just would paste the log-file here. Then we could see what CasparCG server says that is the problem.

If you dont know the the log file is automatically generated in the log-folder. It is a text file so open it and copy everything in here so that we can see it.

Hey markusnygard, thanks a lot for the effort that you gave for my problem, all this time I was using a software which was not authorized. I remember downloading it from a different website. I re downloaded form the main site and now it is running smoothly. Thanks a lot.

Glad it solved

Still we can’t wait for 2.3 to be released! :slight_smile:

Like: “FFmpeg producer always resample to 48kHz (#1215)” which is fixt but not yet usable so I have to use a 5 year old (slow!) version because 44khz footage which plays fine on 2.0.7 is ‘ghosting’ and ‘flanging’ on 2.2.

Or is there a beta version of 2.3 already somewhere?

I do not know about the beta version, but what you have said is totally correct. 2.0.7 was really good.

right here, windows only: Index of /builds/CasparCG Server/master

Hahaha awesome Balte! thank you! (There goes half a year of checking for updates! :stuck_out_tongue:

Downloaded it, and it works. I can also confirm it plays 44khz files fine!

Thank you all, developers, for this!! you guys are the best!

Edit: Bummer: After a while playing the playlist some files came that were encoded the same but still had audio ghosting issues… I’ll look into this…