Playout issue on simple file

I’ve got a CasparCG 2.3.3 setup with Decklink Quad2 driver 11.7 on a Quadro P2000 card.

We use HTML graphics and trigger MP3 files to play on a different layer (same channel). The MP3 playback is very very stuttery. We’ve tried converting to WAVs too but get the same result.

I’ve tried removing the HTML output and play the 1080 Big Buck Bunny.avi file and I’m finding the same issue with audio stuttering.

Is there something I’m doing wrong here? I can’t get any stable audio out at all.

You should create a video file with just black and the audio you want. Make sure it’s in the right framerate for the channel.

I like that idea! How would I play it without the black covering everything? Use the MIXER command to put it off the screen?

It‘s more a test, than actually a solution. You could use the OPACITY command.

We’ve been able to try it now and we’re still having the same issue unfortunately

One thing I have noticed (it’s now plugged into a different monitor with meters) is that the sounds are clipping, would clipping affect the playout?

Could it be, that the stuttering is actually an effect of the clipped aufio?

We’ve remade the clips with lower audio and still get the same issue sadly.