Playing html template on custom client

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how can i play my html template on my custom casparcg client. I searched the net and found noting that was helpfull at all.

For playing html template
You can send Amcp command to server from your custom client like this

CG 1-1 ADD 10 “HtmlTemplate” 1 " xml or stored dataset name"

See this documentation for all the template related AMCP commands.

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Thanks for the reply guys, but i got stuck now on the point of how to make it into a button.
(Sorry new to creating client and C# overall)

Aha, you can use my library. See tutorial here.

Thank you very mutch!

So i started to add the templates it works fine it adds the template and plays it when its ready. but the problem that i am facing now is that when i execute the comand “CG remove” it removes the template but after a short time it crashes the video (adding what server is showing to me)

that is playing any idea why?

There are two things, that I can see. First it said, that you miss the update() and play() javascript functions in your code. Second you should send a cg stop command instead of the remove.

To create a proper HTML template see this tutorial.

Perhaps try a different version of casparcg.
It looks like you are running 2.1 beta 2, which was abandoned in 2017.
If you need something 2.1, then use the 2.1 NRK builds, or preferably update to 2.3

I tried using the newer version of the server and now console shows me this

nevermind it was a stupid spelling mistake from my part, sorry