Play one video at once on two channels

i tried to find out by search but could not find it:
I want to play a video which is running in sync on lets say two screen consumers. as well with the cg add.
since I can only specify one channel in the command (play mediaFile… / cg add…)
i m not sure if it is possible with caspar.
if you have any hint it would be great. thanks

I would use 3 channels: Use one channel to play the video and the graphic. This one does not need to have a consumer attached. Then use two channels for output and send the contents of the first channel to them using a route producer.

crazy, but yes, great idea. dont know about the load of the cpu, but i will give it a try. is that routing feature of caspar cg explained somewhere more in depth? thanks a lot.

I think it’s quite a good explanation on the wiki page given. Or what is unclear?

i give it a try, thanks for the hint

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