Play one video at once on two channels

i tried to find out by search but could not find it:
I want to play a video which is running in sync on lets say two screen consumers. as well with the cg add.
since I can only specify one channel in the command (play mediaFile… / cg add…)
i m not sure if it is possible with caspar.
if you have any hint it would be great. thanks

I would use 3 channels: Use one channel to play the video and the graphic. This one does not need to have a consumer attached. Then use two channels for output and send the contents of the first channel to them using a route producer.

crazy, but yes, great idea. dont know about the load of the cpu, but i will give it a try. is that routing feature of caspar cg explained somewhere more in depth? thanks a lot.

I think it’s quite a good explanation on the wiki page given. Or what is unclear?

i give it a try, thanks for the hint

This thread might be almost 2 years old, but for everyone googling for this use case and end up here I just wanna add:

To add a new empty channel without any consumer attached, one easy way is to add an empty <channel></channel> in the config file.

I’ve tried every variation of the ADD command but couldn’t find a way to add the actual channel.

My use case is to (sometimes) show the same video on 4 outputs, and rendering it once on a separate layer and then routing it to the outputs when needed reduced the CPU usage significantly.

Thank you didikunz for the suggestion (and skuhle for asking the question). It works beautifully.