Play multiple times same file


I just discovered casparcg, so im still a beginner, this softwre seems so powerfull but a bit complicated to handle it.

I develloped a php script who creates an xml file for caspargc official client. This xml file is a kind of playlist where i used a multiple times the same files (video, images) but every time in a different group.
The problem is when i start to play the Group 1 containing video X, it also start to play the video X from Group 3.

How can i avoid this, because so far the only solution i see it’s to put a delay on video X from Group 3 … but in that cases it makes the calculation of the playlist really complicate or make a copy of the file with a different name …

I"m probably missing something so I’m asking for your help,

Are you keeping the clips/stills/templates on different layers?

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Thanks for your fast answer. Yes it was on same layer … So I just change it and, it seems works, it doesnt start on same time anymore.

But my problem, now, is even if check the box autoplay and Auto step, it doesnt start the next group on the list automaticaly , any idea, how to do ?

If I understand correctly you expect CasparCG Client to act as a some kind of timeline player, where timeline itself is generated from PHP script?

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Hello Norbert,

Yes its kinda correct, but not just a basic player because I want use overlay (layer features) in this “playlist” generated by a php script. Like this the playlist, would be dynamic, for lower third, titles, transition, ads etc …

Do you think its possible with CasparCG? Because so far, when im using the same file (lower third video) with the dynamic titles (transparent PNG) generated also by php scipt,official CasparCG Client seem buggy and unpredictable …

Why not skip the official client and play the clips and graphics directly using AMCP commamds?

Why not skip the official client and play the clips and graphics directly using AMCP commamds?

that’s was my first thought, but when PHP generated list is only a part of bigger rundown, this can lead to writing own client :confused:

Official CasparCG have a bit different philosophy behind it. You have “rundowns” which have groups containing bunch of content+effects, and you typically fire them one by one when needed.

I have work with Coolux media servers, that are timeline based (something like in Premiere), that is pain in the a… wher comes to jump around (fire something by hand at any time you want).

Both approaches have disadvantages, and best I my opinion would be a combination of them: each group (like in CasparCG Client) is a timeline (like in Coolux)

I started to develop proof of concept, but I’m limited in time, and this can take a while (writing own easy to use timeline control is not that easy)

That would sure lead to writing your own client. You could tailor made it to your needs and it would work the way you want it. Using the official client for something it is not made for, will always be a hacky business. By the way, have you ever considered looking for another client? There are a few, that are targeting automatic playout of playlists.

Thanks both of you for your answers, my problem is exactly about what you’re saying, i would like something like premiere to manage layer and play group one by one. But yes unfortunately it’s not the case…

And yes i already tried other clients, one was good but couldn’t handle spaces and Asian char on file name, so the client was crashing on start. And others one were not enough documented. The options to write from scratch a client and learn a new protocol is too long and complicated for what I’ve to do.

So I’m gonna probably improve the php script to handle group like time line OR scrafice few dynamic futures and use complex filters (delay, overlay) with ffmpeg.

Do not too much think in that “Timeline” paradigm, as it’s not the way it works in live-TV. Think more in terms of a playlist.

Yes i don’t like the idea neither, using many timer gonna probably use lot of ressources but it’s the only way i see to generate a “dynamic” playlist without encoding.

With ffmpeg for example it would be static and need enconding so I’m gonna try first with delay option to manage group like a playlist and if its buggy, do it with ffmpeg