Play Multible Groups in sequence

Hello everyone, first time diving into casparcg. I have a question concerning Client. I have two groups. One has three videos. And another group with another video.

I have enabled on both groups auto-step and autoplay but when i test it only the first group plays.
In other words one the first group plays the last video in it it just stays there and does not move on to play the next group with last remaining video.

Now the reason i want two groups is because the first group dont have an audio background and i dont want to render them all in a single video with audio background. So i prefere adding the audio to the first group on a lower layer so it plays along with the videos and once the last video is done playing i want to move to the next video which included an audio rendered in it.

I hope that is clear, thnx in advance.

I am also attaching an image for you to see (note the audio file in first group is not there now as i removed it to do some tests).

AFAIK The client does not support auto-play one group after the other. You need to put the second video in the first group and add some audio fade out command after the first video is finished. That should somehow be possible.