Play Grid on SDI output

Hi folks,

I’ve setup a grid with 24 channels (SDI, NDI, and HLS streams mixed) and I need to play the grid with 24 channels on Decklink output. I`m struggling to get the grid out from decklink but no success so far. Please I need help.

And how can we help? What have you done, and what is the problem? It’s quite hard for us to read your mind…


So maybe I was not very clear. So, I have created a grid with 24 channels from different sources like HLS streams, decklink input, NDI input. The grid is working fine, so I can see all the channels on the grid. What I need to do is getting this grid out on the SDI interface from my decklink on my machine. Can you help me with the command to play this grid on SDI interface? I have a Decklink Quad Duo 2 installed on my machine. Also I`m using CasparCG Client to create the grid with a custom command and

So I did not make myself too clear also: Where do you see the grid’s output? And can you play anything else on the Decklink? If not then you need to configure Caspar to access the Decklink, if yes you simply need to play the grid on the channel where the Decklink is attached to.

In the first case just search (with the hourglass in the upper right corner) for “Decklink Duo 2”.

Grid output is a windows same as screen consumer for each channel. Yes, I can play a clip, live input, streams or etc on decklink. I can play by using commands in CasparCG server console or CasparCG Client app. So what command I should use to play the grid channel on decklink (let`s suppose SDI interface nr.2).

To play the grid you need to give it a channel number (see here). So just use the channel number, that you use to play stuff on the Decklink.

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