Plans for 2.2.xx continuously upgrades

Does anyone of you know the plans for maintaining CasparCG 2.2.x upgrades.
There has been 11 new commits to the master, and there´s but no new releases.
Maybe some sort of latest build of master, or a more modern versioning?

Meanwhile the NRKNO branch has had 3 releases.

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There is a vague plan for a 2.2.1 release. There were some things I was wanting to do before it was done, but it doesn’t look likely I will have time soon so I should discuss doing one with @Armin.
But as @hreinnbeck linked, builds of the latest 2.2.x branch should be there, so anyone needing one of the fixes can use those for now.

Yeah, the NRK fork is operating a bit differently. We are currently tagging a release each time we rollout a new build, so there are some very small one fix releases. To fit in with the release cycle we are aiming for with Sofie

Thanks i didn’t know :slight_smile:

Just curious about can we see feature of directly send amcp from html template in coming builds??

That should be possible already.

yes we can do it with the help of webserver but i think it’s not possible directly from html template to CG Server internally.

we can get console.log() messages in Caspar server console but i don’t know any direct way to send amcp (play stop etc commands) from html template

The closest I remember seeing to this being possible is this PR against 2.1NRK, but that doesn’t have AMCP from HTML templates functional yet

it’ll be very helpful if we can get AMCP from HTML templates directly for fully automation without establish any webserver specially for this

I was thinking, that there is a similar way as in flash to just open a socket connection. But that seems not possible, right? Does it not work using WebSockets?

I think websocket requires web server for establish socket connection

WebSockets typically run from browsers connecting to Application Server over a protocol similar to HTTP that runs over TCP/IP.

Via Stackoverflow

Websockets cant connect to any TCP server like flash can, so without some program running in the middle to act as a converter it isnt possible to do