Photoshop Producer Slow


I’m using the Photoshop producer and I’m looking for some guidance. Using server and a Photoshop file with 35 - 40 text layers which I’m updating with data. It’s a results list.

I’m using the following command to call up the template

CG 1-20 ADD 1 “RESULTS” 1 “” etc…

From time of calling the command to Caspar displaying the template with data is about 10 seconds. It seems to take quite a while to run through and process each text layer. Is there anything I can do to speed this up as it’s not very usable with a 10 second wait time? I haven’t tried a different version of the server, but I can if that’ll improve things?

Loving the Photoshop producer, it’s really nice for designing static templates with data when HTML is a bit overkill and painful to get pixel perfect. I can move to HTML if I have to but I’d rather not.



The Photoshop producer is only available in the 2.1 beta builds and in 2.2 beta it has been depreciated. The reason is, that it is programmed very messy (that’s what they told me) and further development does take too much effort. So I would suggest, that you move to HTML for templates that complex, as there will not be a better Photoshop producer in the foreseeable future.


In the wiki ( it says it’s also available in the 2.3 builds. I’ll give it a try there and maybe there’s some improvement otherwise I’ll move over to HTML.



It seems to be a planed feature for 2.3. AFAIK development for 2.3 has not started yet.


On a side note, if you are intent on using that producer, take a look at your computer resource monitor and see if anything is maxed out. If something is being used 100%, then upgrading that component could compensate for the poor code.