Photoshop Dynamic Text Layers

I made a videolayer template_1 made in Photoshop, and the animation plays ok in CasperCG. It has three layers - BG, a box with animation, and two text layers - f0 & f1.
I was kinda hoping that I could use the psd file and update the content of text layers f0 and f1 dynamically with the AMCP command

(‘CG 1-22 ADD 1 “template_1” 1 “<componentData id=\“f0\”><data id=\“text\” value=\”%s\"/><componentData id=\“f1\”><data id=\“text\” value=\"%s\"/>" \r\n’ % (f0, f1))

I already do this successfully with templates created in flash and exported thru the generator with the dynamic text layers named f0 and f1, and I provide text strings from an external python program passing it with thru vars f0 and f1 as above - the strings are not garbled.

The text layers in Photoshop however, behave rather oddly. At the moment it seems that only some of the text is sent to the text layer if it is named f0, and if I rename it, it doesn’t receive anything at all. For example sending the f0 string ‘New Title’ truncates into ‘Ne te’, but sending the string ‘Extremely Short’ truncates to ‘Eeme S’ - it seems there is no apparent logic to it - text just gets garbled and there is an encoding problem.

I can’t get anything at all to work in the f1 layer - although my scripts work fine with flash templates and text layers named f0, f1 - it just doesn’t work with Photoshop text layers.

Is there any documentation for creating dynamic text layers that work with CasparCG in Photoshop? Is it possible at all?

…and you use CasprCG 2.1 Beta, right?

How large is the text? There are issues with ‘large’ text not being able to render all characters.

I did raise a PR to fix this issue along with some other to do with the scene/psd producers , which I can dig up a fixed build if that sounds like it could be your issue

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Fixed! Thanks Julusian - I made the text smaller and both layers update fine, and yes, it’s the 2.1 beta fra april 2017.